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Finish and Setup

Finish :

After having sandpapered the instrument completely, it is time to tint and varnish.  The choice of the final colour is always a dilemma.  It will be finally a amber color.  I use a  Kardix color walnut alcohol based , and a varnish which is one mix cellulose alcohol.  I filled the tank of the aerographer to half with varnish, then I add 20 drops of colour with the bottle drop by drop.  All delicate parts to reach with the airbrush (scroll's interior , holes's sides etc.).  are made in advance with a fine brush

Here 's a picture of an airbrush .

I use a small ballon blown and a piece of cardboard  inserted between the ballon and the inside of the top , for prevent varnish inside . Fingerboard is masked with adhesive .

Let's go . Background we see my old compressor, the mando is hung in the air by a tuner's hole , and one sees the airbrush below.
Leveling the frets with a straight piece of wood  and sand paper glued on
A pen specially cut for that use to prepare the nut .
Fitting the bridge on the soundboard
Another view .
Position of strings in the nut and bridge , could be an entire chapter .

Final Product

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