During the spring 2001  , I went to  Merlefest and  decided to buy a F5 mandolin
  During this period the franc / dollar parity was not very good for me and all the good instruments I saw were very expensive.
 I  also looked at the Stewart Mac Donald kit which was $425 ,
and called some luthiers here in France to get an idea of how much it would cost to finish a mandolin with this kit .

I also ask my friend  Pascal Granga , a wood seller  specializes in luthery wood ,
about obtaining wood for a mandolin.

He lives near my home and says to me that for just with a small amount of money ,
I could  have all the wood needed .
I would need to buy the rest :  fretboard , frets , tuners, bridge , tailpiece , truss rod and ........ the strings !!

I ordered this hardware from Stewmac , and also ordered the Siminoff book
« Constructing A Bluegrass Mandolin »

I 've spend lot of time on differents website , like the  mandolincafe builder section and also frets.com
which is a fabulous site.

Thanks to my dear friends Tom & Gail who help me to write a comprehensible English version .
They are a great help