Here some photos of the mando number 5 , named Manzanita , an aesthetic design inspired by the violin, with the top and back assembled on the rim like a violin .
Thickness and shape of the arch , general dimensions are in the standard of the F5 mandolin . 
I built this mandolin during winter 2003/2004.

burled walnut headstock

The inlay is a little different from the usual


The back is not glued and we see the parallel bracing . The holes in the headblock and point 
Removing wood by making holes in headblock and point help to make an instrument light .

F-holes inpired by the violon holes , wood binding  ebony/pear-tree/ebony

Here is the inside of the back , not at final thickness yet .

Final product
In the grass , satin finish with alcohol based stain , and alcohol based varnish ( hiccup!)
The stain and varnish come from Laverdure in Paris .
The stain are Kardix yellow , and walnut  , ( available 250ml) ,all of this is applied with an airbrush .

The tailpiece is handmade,  starting with a brass plumbing cap (1.5 inch / 2 inch)  (33/42 mm)  ,
The tailpiece is cut out with the metal saw and then welded
The position of the holes of the tailpiece are the same as the traditional Gibson tailpiece (total interchangability without piercing holes in the instrument).

Here is Laurent , the happy owner of Manzanita 

 Manzanita among two beautiful violins , to Laurent 's home