I've built my first mandolin in March 2002
She was strung for the first time  August 11 of 2002
in the white
and was completly finished in October.

I've  taken some pictures of this period  ,  but  with  a  poor  camera 


Here the boards are just bought . There are 2 parts of curly maple (with a yellow test of colour)  spruce table, 3 bands of 1,8 mm tick and 70 cm length for the rim , a piece of black plating to make sandwich neck.

Here is my bending machine which is made with a tube crossed by 2 ends of threaded rods . The lamp with gas heat in the end of the tube.

Here is  my first test of hot bending on scrap wood .

Here is my mold

Mold  , rim and headblock shown togheter

Here  is the  rim  and  block  glued  together .

Rim  top & back

Another view

Badly arranged bench 

The inside of the top 

The 11 of august 2002
the mando have made her first cry and I remember her birth . The weather was like in november , with rain and
wind and I went to visit a friend who has special files to cut the notches for placing strings in the nut and bridge.
We opened a bottle of good wine and started the work . Outside weather was sad , but we are so happy togheter.

Here a small series of photos, made the following day, 08/12/2002

With good eyes you the  "JL"  logo

The back

The neck made with sandwich technique which helps for good symetrical style .

final product