I built 3 more mandolins during the winter 2002/2003 , big project for me , as it requires about 150 hours of work to make one mandolin .
I'm not a professionnal luthier, so the 450 hours needed were taken on the period (   TV information , uninteresting publicity , reality show .... etc ...)
I have  no really good pictures , because I had no good camera then  .

These 3 mandolins are  named , Caroline , Virginie and Maggie

Picture taken February 25  2002 . We see a complete mandolin , it's the first ,
and " pieces of wood " . from left to right , 2 backs , 3 necks and the rims .

Here is Virginie's back , in 3 pieces maple /walnut/maple .

From left to right the #1 ,  Virginie , Caroline and Maggie

Here's a French group of mandolin players .
Maggie and her new owner on the right in the picture .

Virginie and her new companion ,Uwe Kruger , left in the photo .
This link go on the Kruger Brothers website .

Photo taken with Jens Kruger ,  Uwe 's brother .

Jens Kruger and Virginie
Terry is now the happy owner of Caroline.

Good news from the USA , here a picture of Jimmy Gaudreau playing Virginie , I'm so happy to see a pic like this one
Here one more